Monday, 3 November 2014

Popular Rares

Hello, Jammers! Today we'll be talking about popular rares. There are so many around Jamaa that I don't think they're rare anymore! Let's explore the world of popuar rares through this awesome content.

Popular rares that LOTS of Jammers want to have are:

~Rare Spike Collar (Most popular)

~Rare Spike Wristband (2nd most popular)

~Rare Short Spike Collar (Also Most Popular)

~Rare Headdress (Wanted)

~Rare Worn Blanket (Because most people have it)

~Rare Bats Wings (Very good when it comes to being scary!)

~Rare Top Hats (It is mostly used to wear on an Arctic Wolf, very popular also.)

I guess that's about it! But when new popular rares come into Animal Jam, I will be sure to post it on here for you to know! Good luck and Happy Jammin'!

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