Wednesday, 5 November 2014

About The Animal Jam Worlds

Here is a brief map of Animal Jam:
                                                                                           We'll start with Jamaa:
Jamaa Township is a fantastic place to host things like: Party at my den or Trade me or etc. It's mostly full because of all this (including when you're searching for popular rares...) That's why most people can't get to it, but that's alright! Since Animal Jam had been upgraded so much times, when you go on settings you can see you can change your server without needing to log out anymore which is majorly pawesome! Anyways, in Jamaa there is: Furniture Shop (Where you buy furnitures, including new ones.), Clothing Shop (Where you buy clothing, including new ones!), Diamond Shop (Where you buy things with the diamond you either get, or spin the wheel to get.), Club Geoz (Dance club where less jammers go), Sol Arcade (Place you can buy games and/or play them), Pillow Room (Where a jammer adopts another jammer.) There are also secret passages... I will leave you to explore and find them!

Now, it's time for my OTHER favourite place; Sarepia Forest:
In Sarepia Forest, jammers who act like cats and other jammers come to roleplay/play there. It is a fun place to go to, if you include the sliding slide and the awesomely decorated tree trunk with little wooden planks. Here, some jammers also come to host things like what they host in Jamaa... Basically in EVERY world which is kinda awesome if you ask me...

Now, next stop is... Temple Of Zios!
Temple Of Zios is another one of these awesome worlds, it has a broken area where when you try a action (I'm not telling you which, because then it won't be a secret! Lol) it's starts to get misty until... Try it out and find out what happens! Anyways, there is also a river place where you can either go in it or sit near the edge and play. Jammers who act like cats also go there to roleplay.

Tut-tut, I forgot to mention Kimbara Outback!
This is the newest world in Animal Jam! When it was new, I tried going there and it was SO full! So I had to wait for a while, day by day, until I could FINALLY go and check it out. And luckily, I did! This is another place where jammers that act like cats roleplay too! There are lots and lots of places where they roleplay. It's fun being a cat on Animal Jam! You should try it! Anyways, lets get back to the world... Where were we, oh, yeah... So you should go there and find out lots more about Temple Of Zios.

(Yawns) I'm kinda tired right now, so you could explore the rest! I'll leave it to you to explore the rest of this clawesome game! ANIMAL JAM ROCKS!

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